Who Am I To Tell You?

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Hey You, I’m your teacher!

My name is Yubi (she/they) and I AM a bilingual instructor in CA. I have documented my healing journey on my YouTube Channel titled, You Becoming, as a way to demonstrate the vulnerability of the human experience. My hope is that with my words, stories, and example you will become inspired to break through anything that is holding you back from becoming in alignment with Your Self. I encourage you to explore and entertain what I've created for YOU, to help you on your healing journey.

Check out my Intro Video where you can learn more about my educational background, work/field experience, and what I have learned through navigating my own Spiritual Awakening.

My clients and life experiences have been my inspiration! My goal is to help you reclaim your personal power and passion for the interconnectedness of Life!

Documented Transformation

You Becoming is my healing journey on blast.

Two years from my journey: raw, minimally edited diary entries, set up like a book, with Chapters that build upon each other. Read the titles, jump around if you'd like, take what resonates & leave the rest behind. Stories about love, sex, pain, unbalanced relationships, religion, spirituality, culture, mental health, gender expression, social norms, and much more.

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This channel is working on Becoming an ongoing resource for you. From information regarding the services I provide, Q&A's about my healing journey, transformative storytelling, and videos with bite-size messages taken from existing courses to encourage you to self-reflect, make small changes, and embrace your process of becoming.

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