(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have questions about our products and services? Here is a list of some common questions to consider. If you still find yourself with questions, feel free to reach out to us via email: [email protected]

Why purchase the courses first?

Although it's not required, doing so will save you money and time. Typical therapy sessions can range from $100-$200* for an average of 50-60 minutes. Purchasing our courses allows you the flexibility to go at your own pace, trying the techniques/strategies on your own first. They have downloadable attachments for you to use to help you better understand what you are learning. Upon purchasing the courses you will also have immediate access to them 24/7. In a traditional therapy session, you would have to pay each time you connect with a therapist and you may not be able to have access to those recordings/sessions for review later on. Consider these courses as mini-sessions with me that you can go back to as many times as you need to with no additional cost.

Plus, if you decide to connect with me later on, whether individually or in a group setting, your awareness of this information will help you bridge the gap faster and make your use of the meeting times with me more effective.

*(Some therapy sessions may cost $300 or more depending on specialty and experience.)

I noticed that when I try to purchase a Group Membership Option, I'm redirected to another website called Momence. Is that still you?

Yes. Momence is an affiliated platform that we use to host our weekly Q&A Group LIVE Zoom Meetings. With your purchase you will be asked to create an account to access the weekly links and any available recordings of our Q&A group meetings. You can even download the app on your phone for easier access where ever you go!

What is the Refund/Cancelation Policy?

The products and/or services that you purchase from our website, and our affiliated platforms, will have different refund/cancelation policies which you can find in our Service Agreement in the menu bar above. Purchasing any product and/or service will confirm that you have read, understood, and are in agreement with the details outlined in that document, as well as with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.