About the Course

It's time to expand and use the information you've tracked from the first Dream Course and integrate it into the Healing Process.

Learn about the 2 NEW TYPES of dreams you will experience as you prepare to continue navigating your healing journey. Learn more about how to heal with your dreams but also how to decode them for guidance. You will gain tips and strategies to help you better navigate your dreams as you do the healing work. AND you will hear never before shared personal stories about my dream experiences for guidance and healing.

This course works best when used in conjunction with the Intermediate and Advanced Timeline Series Courses!

***This is a self-paced class that you can complete at your convenience. There is no expiration date for access to the class material.***

Exclusive Access!

This course comes with exclusive access to my never before seen YouTube video titled: Overpowered By a Stranger, where I share more personal stories about how I navigated this unique experience. It is a great example of many examples I share in this course, using my dreams for guidance and healing.

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