About the Course

It's time to take your dreams to the next level! Learn how the healing process unblocks your potential to activate your 12 Power Sources to manifest the future of your desires!

Learn how to integrate the first two Dream Courses to access what you are needing for more effective manifesting!

You will gain more information around potential energy and the "in between steps" to prepare for as things start to unfold for you. Learn the different ways that people develop their intuitive process so that you can identify how to tap into your own intuition and feel better about your decision making process.

This course is the last of the Dream Series Courses and it is strongly recommended to do the healing work before taking this course.

Image of two faces and a butterfly next to Yubis face.

Exclusive Access

This course comes with exclusive access to my never before seen YouTube video titled: Unlocking Your Intuition, where I share how many people struggle identifying a "gut" instinct and demonstrate the different ways intuition can present itself so that you can better identify it as you navigate your healing and manifesting journey.